Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I am tagging Allison--unless you have already done this!

respond and rework—answer the questions on your own blog add one more question of your own.

I was tagged by Eugenia!

1. What were you doing and who were you with at 9:59 PM on Friday night? OMG, I have no idea. I think I watched "The Dutchess"
2. What is the last thing you read/are currently reading? Cleft Palate and Other Cranio-Facial Anomalies.
3. Do you nap a lot? Never! I hate napping. I kinda feel like taking one now though because I have been up since 4 AM because we picked up Ryen's dad at the airport at SFO at 5:30 AM!!
4. Who was the last person you hugged? Good ol' Ryen
5. What is your current obsession/addiction? Remediating my lisp. Seriously I cannot stop practicing "s"...."sally sells seashells by the seashore"
6. What was the last thing you said out loud? "sally sells seashells by the seashore!"
7. What websites do you always visit when you go online? J. Crew, Nordstrom, photographers, am a bit obsessed with anything wedding I guess
8. What was the last item you bought? a bookshelf...I am really excited to organize all of my books and binders
9. What is your most challenging goal? eliminate my lisp
10. If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished- anywhere in the world, where would it be? San Mateo or San Francisco or anywhere along the peninsula
12. Something you are looking forward to this month: to be finished with grad. school applications
13. Name one thing you just can't resist no matter how bad it is for you: ice cream and wine, but not together...ooops guess that wasn't one thing. I also cannot resist a pair of great designer jeans on sale
14. What is your favorite item of clothing? my true religion jeans. they make me feel good even when I am having a fat day. I also love my flip flops!
15. Favorite memory within the past week: having dinner at my dad's with everyone and Ryen's mom
16. Name one thing you can not live with out: kissyface!
17. Has a celebrity's haircut ever influenced you on your own hairstyle? of course. I must confess I too had the Ashlee Simpson hair.
18. If you could pick one ingredient or spice to describe you what would it be and why? cumin...just choosing it because I love it.
19. What do you think your next purchase might be? maybe some wedding shoes
20. Who is your favorite babysitter's club character? Dawn or Stacy or Claudia....I love them all!


  1. I just watched The Dutchess, too! I freakin loved it! It was sad, though. I totally cried. I saw some video robert took of me and I realized, after hearing myself speak, that I need to eliminate my lisp, too!!! Kyle has a tooth and wants you to come over so he can show you and then wave hello!

  2. Hi Natalie!!!!!!! Congrats on your engagement!!!!! xxoo Aleyta